Top Rated Online Roulette Casino Games In West Virginia

Online gambling has become widely popular in the United States. As many US states have now legalized online gambling, players have got plenty of opportunities to exercise their skills and win big time on these gambling platforms.

Along with all the gambling sources, online casinos are the most popular way of gambling in the country. West Virginia is one of those states that has embraced online casinos. You will find an abundance of West Virginia casinos that provide their products and offering to the players. There is no doubt in asserting that these casino platforms are wildly popular among people for multiple reasons.

Best Online Casinos Roulette Games in West Virginia
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In this particular article, we are going to talk about West Virginia roulette online gambling. Roulette is a classic table game that comprises a wheel enumerated with numbers. Almost every credible casino has the service of online roulette in West Virginia. If you are also eager to play online roulette for real money, you would want to scroll in order to get more information about it. So without further ado, let’s get into the West Virginia online roulette guide.

How to Choose an Online Casino to Play Online Roulette in WV?

Before you can make the most of the online roulette real money in West Virginia, you need to spot the best online casino platform. Here are a few tips that you must take into consideration while making a selection.

  • License and Certification: Every credible casino platform will have a legal license and certificate to operate in the region. So, your first instinct should be to look up the license details.
  • Reputation: The reputation among the players says a lot about a particular gambling platform. Casinos like MGM, and DraftKings, are some of the trusted sites where you can play online roulette in WV.
  • Security: Before trusting a casino platform with your money, ensure what safety parameters are taken by the site to safeguard your privacy.
  • Range of Games: Of course, you would love to sign up at an online casino platform that has a lot to offer. Check the range of games offered by the platform before you can trust it.
  • Banking Methods: You can trust a gambling platform that doesn’t have secured and convenient payment options. Before making any deposit, check with the type of payment options the site has.
  • Welcome and No-Deposit Bonuses: These are the main highlight of any online casino. You must check whether the platform for roulette has tempting welcome offers and no deposit bonuses. It depicts the platform’s consideration for the players. For example, a popular WV site, BetMGM welcomes new players with a 100% deposit match of up to $500.
  • Loyalty Program: Similar to the welcome and no deposit bonus, loyalty programs are meant for the consistent roulette players of the casino platform. You must always incline towards sites that have such reward programs.
  • Jackpots: If you are more into slot games, jackpots are something you must look forward to. These are the source of massive rewards in a casino.
  • Software: When you look at casino games, you cannot ignore considering the software provider. Some of the trusted names are NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, etc.

Basic Rules for Playing Online Roulette in WV Casinos

Online Roulette Basic RulesBefore you choose the best online casino website to play online roulette for real money, it is imperative to learn the basic rules of playing online roulette for real money in WV.

The Basics

Online roulette West Virginia is a straightforward casino game that you can play easily. There is a wheel that comprises red and black slots with numbers from 1 to 36, plus there are green zero slots. It depends on European single zero roulette or American double-zero roulette that determines the arrangement of the numbers and wheel & table layout.

All the participants are required to place bets on the table; the dealer will spin the wheel and throw a small ball into it. You need to bet on the number where the ball will stop. In online roulette, there will be a random number generator that decides the number on the wheel.

How to Play Roulette: Step by Step Guide

  • Sign up at the gambling platform of your choice. Use codes to activate any bonus at the sign-up.
  • From the group of numbers present on the wheel, choose a number on which you want to bet.
  • Choose a bet amount according to the deposit rules of the casino platform. Make sure to manage your bankroll.
  • If it is a live dealer game, wait till the dealer spins the wheel.
  • You can collect your winnings if the ball stops at the number you place your bet on.
  • You can go on and try another hand, depending upon your bankroll.

It is super easy to get the hang of the online roulette game. All you need to learn is to manage your bankroll according to the game.

Different Variations of WV Online Roulette Games

Online Roulette Games for Real MoneyThis online roulette guide will be incomplete without learning the different variants of roulette games. There are plenty of variations available in this amazing game that you need to know about:


It is the most commonly known variant of roulette where the wheel has a total of 37 numbers. The wheel will have numbers from 0 to 38 in red, black, or green. European roulette is also known as a variant with a house edge of 2.63%, which is smaller than the other variants of the games.


American and European roulettes have many similarities. The only major difference between the two is the addition of the 00 number that is present on the table and reels. American roulette is also a popular Vegas variant that people love.


French variant of roulette was started in the French, hence the name. The factor that makes French roulette interesting is that it pays half the money players lose on zero numbers. This feature reduces the house edge by 1.32%, making it a preferred variant. Also, it is quite difficult to find a casino with French roulette.


As the name suggests, no-zero roulette does not have any zeroes on the wheel. Also, this variant of online roulette has the lowest house edge among all. Again, this variant is pretty hard to find on online casinos.

Roulette Royale

It is somewhat similar to European roulette, but it has the feature of a progressive jackpot that makes it tempting for the players. However, to activate the progressive jackpot, you need to hit on a similar number five times.


Mini roulette is not quite popular compared to the other variants. As the name suggests, the wheel will have fewer numbers and even lesser betting options. So, if you are looking for a quick play, you can rely on this variant.


The major feature of this roulette variant is that you can bet on different reels at the same time. As there are multiple reels on these variants, the single reel will have numbers from two to eight.

Tips and Strategies to Play Roulette Online in WV Casinos

  • Prefer Outside Bets: There are two prominent bets: inside and outside. The thing about placing an outside bet is that you will get a lower multiple of the bet, but you are more likely to win.
  • European Roulette is The Name: Undoubtedly, European roulette is the most popular version and for all the valid reasons. It has a lesser house edge (2.7%) than the American (5.26%).
  • Know The Odds: Even roulette games have odds that need to be considered. Before placing a bet, take a look at the odds to get a clear picture.
  • En Prison Rule: It is a rule applied to European roulette. In this, your bet can be placed in prison in case the ball stops at zero. You must know when to use the en prison rule.
  • Know When To Stop: Online roulette can be tempting. When you win one game, you would want to play more. But, the trick to remaining successful is to know when to stop and maintain your bankroll.

Mobile Version of WV Online Roulette Game

Online roulette real money West Virginia has been giving players ample opportunities to play on the go with the mobile version. You will find compatibility for mobile betting in most of the leading gambling sites. Either the gambling site will offer a dedicated app or they optimize their site for mobile browsers. Make sure the mobile online casino platform you choose is compatible with both iPhone and Android. It is also important to ensure that the mobile app has similar offers and game varieties as you get in the desktop version.

Types of Online Roulette Bonuses to Expect

Online Roulette BonusesWhen you decide to play online roulette in WV, it is important to check the range of bonuses the casino platform has to offer. You need to pick the best online roulette bonus while playing. Here are a few best bonuses:

  • Welcome Bonus: As the name suggests, it is a bonus meant for players who first join the West Virginia online casino platform. It is also called the sign-up offer. DraftKings has a 100% welcome bonus of up to $250.
  • Deposit Bonus: This is the second-best bonus available for the players. In this, you need to make a certain deposit to the gambling platform and avail the bonus.
  • No Deposit: It is often added with the welcome bonus. You don’t need to make any particular deposit to get this bonus. There might be some code you need to use.
  • Reload: The more deposit you make to the casino platform, the better will be the reload bonus. Every WV platform has a different range of reload bonuses.
  • Cashback: When you place a bet on the roulette game and deposit an amount, the cashback offer will give back some amount as a part of this bonus.

Pros and Cons of Playing Online Roulette in WV Casinos

So, why would you play online roulette anyway? Well, here are a few best reasons this online casino game is just for you.


  • Range of bonuses: One of the reasons players want to play this game is the tempting bonuses offered by the casino sites.
  • Better Winning Probability: When you get the hang of the game, it can offer you more opportunities to win big. It is the best casino game you can play.
  • Different Variants: There are different variants of roulette available, and you can choose from these variants according to your preference. So, you don’t have to restrict your options while playing.


  • High house edge: This might be the major turn down for players that restrict them from playing.
  • Addictive: Online roulette can definitely become addictive, so you must know where to stop.

Picking up the right online casino games is an essential part of your future gambling experience. So, we recommend you to check more reviews that we prepared to learn about online casino games available in the US (WV).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is online roulette legal in West Virginia?

It was recently that the state legalized online casinos. So, yes, you can legally play online roulette in WV.

Do I have to download any software to play online roulette?

You can either play online roulette on the official websites of the casino, or you can download the dedicated app to play on-the-go. It depends on you to choose between the two available options.

How much does it cost to play online roulette in West Virginia?

It depends on the amount you are willing to wager on the games. There is no minimum or maximum cost for playing roulette in WV.

Can I play online roulette using a mobile app?

Yes, if the platform has its own application, you can play online roulette in WV with a mobile app. Make sure it is compatible with your operating system.
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