A Guide to the Best West Virginia Golf Betting Sites Online

Compared to football, baseball, and basketball, West Virginia Golf betting took some time to earn popularity. Many WV Golf betting websites have come up through which players can bet. From tournament to in-play golf betting, players can wager on many occasions and win exclusive prizes.

Being a newbie in West Virginia online betting sites, you might face a bit of difficulty. Keeping that into consideration, we have included all the required information so that it becomes easy for you to choose a bet and wager via legal sports betting in West Virginia. Without wasting much time, let’s get involved in the important concepts to know on live golf bets.

Top Golf Betting Sites in West Virginia
Draftkings Sportsbook

DraftKings Online Sportsbook


$25 Sign up bonus
20% Up to $500 Deposit Bonus
DRF Bet Racebook

DRF Bets Online Racebook



TVG Online Racebook

a risk free bet for up to $300

a risk free bet for up to $300
two Super Contests in TVG
“Free Past Performances”

The Best Sportsbooks to Bet on Golf in WV

When it comes to choosing an online sportsbook, hundreds are there, making it difficult to make a choice. Well, if you do not wish to waste much time looking for a website, we have included a list here. Hopefully, if you choose one sportsbook from the list, you can go ahead and start wagering.


For golf betting in West Virginia, DraftKings is an excellent gambling website and is a great platform. It has a $500 deposit bonus for newbies and has a user-friendly interface. Alongside that, free play bonuses, risk-free bets are something that you will get from time to time.

MGM Sportsbook

When it comes to welcome bonuses, it is one of the popular online sportsbooks. Once you have attained the required age, you can go ahead and start gambling. It offers a 100% match deposit of $500, and for that, you must create an account. It also has an app that can be used by Android and iOS users to play. Users need to provide details like name, social security number, date of birth, email address, etc.

William Hill

After sports betting got legalized in 2008, William Hill got ready to launch its official website in WV. In September 2020, the sports betting website was introduced with bonuses like a $500 free bet and a $250 deposit. The promo code to be used here is LEGAL500 and punters find the website design quite creative. That’s why it becomes easier for bettors to check out any aspect in no time. They use two-factor authentication, which is why the William Hill platform is free from scams. When it comes to the banking category, different options are available on William Hill’s online sportsbook, so it is not difficult to make transactions.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel is a reputed online sportsbook with unique welcome bonuses and promotions. Many players get attracted to the betting website because of the app and user-friendly interface. Here when you log in for the first time, you get a free bet of up to $1000. With rewards like other referral codes, refer-a-friend, etc., you will get enough opportunities to increase your bankroll. The FanDuel website has impressive banking options, and you need to be at least 21 years.

Types of Bets on Golf in WV Sportsbooks

Wagers in Golf BettingNow that you have known the variety of online sportsbooks through which you can place bets, we would like to include details about the types.

Match Betting

It is placed on the Moneyline set by the website owner or oddsmaker between two golfers. The wager can be on the Masters’ Tournament on an individual golf game.

Outright Winner

In this category, you must predict the winner who will win the sports leagues. If the prediction made by you is correct, you will win rewards for that. Also, for this bet, there is no need for you to watch the entire series and wait for the announcement of the winner, after which you will get the rewards.

Three-Ball Wagers

Select a golf player from a set of three golfers who you think will score the lowest. Here one round-based wager or 18 holes are there.


The outcome of futures is always revealed later, and the sports bets are available before the start of the golf tournament. When considered the major golf tournament, the West Virginia sports betting app allows players to wager on Golf futures markets months ahead. It can get you to win higher payouts if you can predict the outcome correctly.


In props sports betting, you are placing a wager on the golf tournament or the performance of the player. It is a combination of two or more bets, which if you win, can give you a higher payout.

Each-Way Bet

For an each-way bet, golf gamblers must divide the wager into two categories. The first part is for an outright wager, while the second part is for the player.

Live Bets

Compared to all other bets on golf online, in-play golf betting is the most interesting. They are quicker, and players should go for it only if they have the time to watch the sports online.

Golf Events to Bet in West Virginia Sportbooks

Events for Golf BettingA variety of opportunities are there through the WV real money betting sites. The major golf tournaments that you must always keep in consideration are:

PGA Championship

In comparison to other championships, many players might think that it is weaker. But once you start taking an interest, you will feel more excited. It will give you enough opportunities to bet on individual golf games in WV and win gifts.

Master Tournament

Of the four major golf championships, it is the first and takes place every year in April. Before you start WV mobile sports betting, gather enough details about past matches. The more data you have, the better it will be for you to gamble and win.

Open Championship

Most of the time, sports fans refer to open championship by two terminologies, like the most uncertain and the oldest. Founded in 1860, and every year, the Open Championship takes place in July. In this golf tournament, both new and experienced players take part in it, which is why the name is open.

US Open

If you ask about the most controversial Golf events, the name is the US Open. The event is popular because of the difficulty level and tests the best Golf players’ ability. It is the most attractive session, and the event takes place in June.

Charles Schwab Challenge

Until 2019, Charles Schwab Challenge was known, like the Colonial National Invitation Tournament. The sports league was renamed due to sponsorship reasons and takes place in May when the PGA tour starts.

Betting Tips for Golf Gamblers in West Virginia

Golf Betting-TipsWhen you have known the most important aspects regarding golf, tips are next. Well, no doubt some punters are exceptionally good at betting and can win rewards easily. But quite a lot of players are there looking for information that can guide them to bet on golf online. In this WV golf betting sites review, you will come to know about a few things that can guide you to play through Golf betting apps and win.

Checking the Smaller Championships

It will be fruitful for you if you look out for smaller golf tournaments. Even though the major tournaments attract many bettors, the less important ones can also give you better golf odds. It helps players in the research process and ultimately choosing an appropriate underdog.

Don’t Incorporate Everything Told by Big Players

Everything said to be big players may not be so beneficial when you start playing. It is better to strategize usefully by understanding the bets and choosing a WV retail sportsbook. Believe your gut feeling, as most players have found it to be more effective.

Go Through the Latest Information

If you do not keep yourself updated with the latest trends in golf; hardly, you can win any bet. Collect every detail as if the player is fine, how the weather is, etc. All such things will give you a better understanding of how you should bet on golf events.

Signing Off

For all golf sports fans out there, it would be worth trying sports betting through a licensed and regulated sports betting website. It is a great way to earn easy money, and the mobile app allows you to play from your smartphone as well. The gambling app for iOS and Android can be downloaded in no time, and do proper research before wagering. Additionally, all the information listed above will make your journey to golf betting in West Virginia enjoyable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to bet on golf online in West Virginia?

Yes, it is legal to bet on golf online in West Virginia after you have attained the age of 21 years. Various websites are available through which you can place wagers on Golf tournaments.

What WV sites are the best for Golf betting? 

The best WV websites are DraftKings, William Hill, FanDuel, BetMGM, etc. They offer exclusive offers, and the registration process is also simple.

How can I check the latest Golf odds? 

If you wish to check the latest Golf odds, you can visit any sportsbook, and it will give you the details.

What is the match betting? 

It is a popular bet and is placed on the Moneyline set by the oddsmaker between two golfers.

How can I deposit money to bet on golf?

If you wish to deposit money to bet on golf is through debit or credit cards, e-checks, e-wallet, PayNearMe, PayPal, etc.
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