The Best West Virginia Boxing Betting Sites Online Review

Every sports fan has a special tournament which they love to follow. Well, similar to any other US state, West Virginia has also earned popularity in terms of sports betting, mostly boxing. In today’s time, fans can watch the match and even earn exclusive rewards by live betting in sports leagues. Many online sites in West Virginia are available through which gamblers can bet on boxing matches.

Top West Virginia Boxing Betting Sites
Draftkings Sportsbook

DraftKings Online Sportsbook


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DRF Bet Racebook

DRF Bets Online Racebook


Fanduel Sportsbook

FanDuel Online Sportsbook

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Home Run Challenge

In-play betting is about predicting the outcome of the match correctly. If you can do that, you have an opportunity to earn real money online. With the inclusion of mobile sports betting in West Virginia, gamblers have the feasibility of a variety of bets through WV legal sports betting websites. Well, in this article, you will get to know all the details regarding WV betting, giving you more chances to win.

Check Out the Best Online Sportsbooks for Box Betting in WV

In the state of West Virginia, we have different sports betting sites through which you can place your bets. The registration process for almost all the websites is more or less the same. You need to provide details, like name, email ID, phone number, Social Security number, etc., before you start bets on events. Let’s now take a look at the best sportsbook.


Established in 2012, and it is the most eminent name that has grown in the online wagering month. When it comes to looking for the best box betting website, DraftKings qualifies almost in all the categories. A lot of bonuses are also offered by the website, which is one of the reasons it is the player’s favorite. Here you receive a $500 deposit bonus with much live-in game betting, seasonal boosts, and special odds boost.

William Hill Sportsbook

Presently, William Hill sportsbook is leading the betting market and is giving good competition to others. It provides a $500 free bet while making the first deposit of $250. The promo code to be used here is LEGAL500. Besides that, a loyalty point scheme, free spins, etc., are also being offered to the players. Many banking options are also available on the betting website to make transactions.

BetMGM Sportsbook

Punters must use the bonus code PLAYBONUS and get a 100% match deposit up to $500. The partner casino is The Greenbrier Resorts, and different types of bonuses are provided regularly. It has Money Monday Club, daily odds boosts, live streaming option, edit my bet, Sunday Strategy, etc. In Sunday Strategy, players get to earn $20 after placing $100 in a pregame wager.

Box Betting Types on West Virginia Sports Betting Sites

Boxing Betting OnlineIf you wish to enroll in any of the above sites or on the WV sports betting app, it is crucial to understand the types. Without understanding the box wagering types, it will not be easier for you to win. Hence, let’s dive into the bets offered by the boxing betting apps.

Bout Betting

Known to be the simplest type, and players need to select a fighter to win a particular game. If you have heard of a full-time wager on football matches, bout betting is similar to that. Here you can also get odds for a draw.


In this wager, players need to be sure about the fighter. And if players think that the odds are less, they can go for round prediction. It’s because the round prediction increases the winning.

Method of Victory

If you are 100% sure that a player will win irrespective of what the condition is, you can add this exciting element to your wager. Here predict the condition as and how he will win totals by straight knockout, technical knockout, disqualifying the opponent, etc.

Over/Under Total Rounds

It is similar to all over/under bets where players need to bet on the totals points made in the round. The WV online sportsbook will state a certain number, and you must say if the score will be higher or lower than that. Under is selected when gamblers think that the score will be less, while over is for a higher score.

Prop Bets

It is a boxing bet on an event that may or may not happen in a match, and the Moneyline bets denote every side of the bet.

Fight to Go the Distance

It is a wager on a match that will be active till the full course and end in the last round. Some matches also end till the last round, and if you can predict, you get gifts.

A Few Tips to Help You in Box Betting Strategizing

Boxing Betting TypesNow that you have learned about the licensed and regulated sportsbook, wagering types, sports to wager, it’s time to pay some attention to tips. Knowing the tips will help you strategize and win more rewards.

Choose a WV Retail Sportsbook

For betting on boxing online in West Virginia, choosing an online website is the first requirement. Without a proper website, there is no way you can win rewards. Through this medium, you will place bets, and the rewards are available here only. The transactions that you will make are also through this online betting platform, so you need to be quite careful in selecting them. If you choose a sports betting website that’s not legalized or does not have a good reputation, it can increase your troubles. That’s why you should choose a licensed, certified, and scam-free West Virginia betting site.

Understand the Stylistic Matchups

The fighters have unique performance and character efficiency, making them different. Their different fighting styles take them towards victory. Not only that, but it also lets you win your bets. Thus, it is essential to keep a close eye on the fighter’s playing style as it will help you to have a better chance of winning.

The Latest Update

Do not forget to check the latest news in boxing, the match details, and information about the player, like whether he or she has come across an injury, etc. The past performance will also give you a brief introduction as to whom to place your bets on. The more you keep yourself updated, the easier it will be for you to win.

All About Boxing Tournaments for Betting on Special Platforms in WV

Before you start wagering via an app for iOS and Android, you must know about the game. For example, what is a ring?

A Ring

Well, a ring is a significant area where the opponents will go against each other. It is square in shape and is fenced with ropes around the sides with the post. Now, if you are not aware of such things, you cannot win bets and will start losing your money.

The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board

The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board regulates the ranking and was founded in 2012. It is an all-volunteer initiative, offering boxers to identify the winner of the world championship, proper ranks, and unbiased decisions.

The Four Major Sanctioning Bodies in Boxing

Pro Boxing BettingFor professional boxing, there are four major sanctioning bodies that monitor and regulate events. They are:

International Boxing Federation (IBF)

It is recognized by the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF), sanctioning professional bouts World Boxing Council (WBC), World Boxing Association (WBA), and WBO. It was formed in 1983, and the headquarters is in Springfield, New Jersey, U.S.

World Boxing Association (WBA)

WBA is also known as the National Boxing Association (NBA), and it is a non-profit institution. Established in 1921, in the US as the NBA, and in 1962, it changed its name to WBA.

World Boxing Council (WBC)

The institution was founded in 1963, and many high-profile bouts have been sanctioned by them. The headquarters is in Mexico City, Mexico, and keeps the roster of Diamond Champions.

World Boxing Organization (WBO)

It is recognized by the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF), and its headquarters are located in Puerto Rico, San Juan.

Latest News in Box Betting

Considering the present pandemic situation across the world, the 2020 USA Boxing National Championships scheduled at the Shreveport Convention Center from 5th to 12th December have been postponed until 2021.

Ending Note

Due to Covid-19, the sports industry has been affected a lot. And it has also led to the cancellation of many events. Well, soon, we will overcome the unfortunate situation and start wager on futures markets in WV. If you haven’t tried online sports bets yet, look for a reputable and licensed operator that has a mobile app and enrolls in it. Once you are done, you can start playing online on that box betting platform from anywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to bet on boxing online in West Virginia?

Yes, it is legal to bet in West Virginia, and you need to attain the age of 21 years and complete the age verification process to wager on boxing.

How to choose the fighter to bet on in boxing? 

Depending on the information on the players that you have, you can choose the fighter to bet.

What WV sites are the best to bet on boxing? 

The best WV sites to bet are DraftKings, William Hill, FanDuel, etc.

Can I bet on boxing with a mobile app in West Virginia?

Yes, you can do it with a mobile app in West Virginia. The West Virginia real money betting sites have an app, which you can download and start playing.

How to check odds for boxing betting?

To check odds, you can visit the sports bet app or the website.
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