Top Rated Online Blackjack Casino Games In West Virginia

Online casino games have been widely popular in the United States for all good reasons. Since US states have legalized online casino platforms, more and more gambling websites and applications are being launched that are meant to enhance the players’ gaming experience. West Virginia is one of those states that are completely embracing the culture of online gambling. There is an abundance of online gambling sites in the WV that offer the best casino games.

Best Online Casinos with Blackjack Games
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Indeed, it is the range of casino games that makes these betting sites a big hit among the players. There are plenty of classic land-based casino games that have been transformed into the online version. One such popular game is blackjack. It is a classic card game that is played against the dealer. With the inclusion of live dealer games in West Virginia casinos, players have been able to enjoy playing with a live dealer. You will find online blackjack in West Virginia that offers the best bonuses and services to the players. In this West Virginia online blackjack guide, we are going to highlight some of the best features and nitty-gritty of this card game.

How to Choose a Casino to Play Online Blackjack for Real Money?

You can play online blackjack in WV with ease if you know how to handpick the best casino website. Here are a few aspects you need to check before choosing the website to play online blackjack for real money.

Welcome and No Deposit Bonuses

An online casino is simply incomplete without the range of bonuses, and welcome and no-deposit bonuses are by far the best. Both these bonuses are the perfect example of how considerate the gambling platform is towards its players. For instance, with BetMGM you get a 100% deposit match of up to $500 on your first deposit.


When it comes to online gambling, safety is everything. You cannot compromise on your security in terms of personal data or financial transactions. Make sure to ascertain what safety measures are taken by the casino site, like SSL encryption.


Another proof of credibility and veracity of the platform for blackjack playing is the licensing and certification. Before trusting any casino site, you must ensure that it has a legit license from the jurisdiction that permits the site to work in the state.

Players Feedback

There’s nothing more reliable than word of mouth. You must always check the players’ feedback when you are choosing a gambling platform to play. You can also check the casino reviews to get a clearer idea of the site.


If you are particularly inclined towards slots, then you would want to get hands-on with the jackpots. It is the best opportunity to win big by playing some exciting games. The jackpot has a big winning amount, so make sure that the gambling platform offers it.

Loyalty Program

Apart from the bonuses and promotions, there is something else that enhances the gaming experience of the players, i.e., a loyalty program. It is particularly meant for the consistent players of the online casino platform. Every credible site has a loyalty program today.


The software provider that powers the platform for gambling says a lot about it. You must look for casino platforms that are powered by the best software providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, and many more.

West Virginia betting sites like DraftKings and BetMGM are some of the best online casino sites in WV that you can consider playing online blackjack for money in WV.

Basic Rules for Playing Online Blackjack in WV

Rules of Online BlackjackIt is a card game where you need to play against the dealer. In online blackjack, there will be either a live dealer, or you will be playing against the computer. The main goal of the casino game is to score 21 or closer to it. The catch is to not bust your hand by exceeding the value of 21; you will automatically lose your hand.

It is played with a deck of 6-8 52 card decks, though there are some variations where a 48 card deck is also used. You will find different variants of blackjack that you can try to enhance your gaming experience.


The blackjack game starts when a player places a bet before receiving their cards. Next, the dealer will deal the cards with face-up; the dealer will also deal cards to himself. When the cards are on the table, the player will have the option to either stay or hit depending upon the cards they have.

It is important to note that you don’t have to go above 21 or lose the bet automatically. The payout will depend on the amount you receive from the winnings. Suppose, if you are closer to the 21 compared to the dealer, the winning hand will be paid 1 to 1. In case the dealer gets busted, then irrespective of your hand, you will be paid at a rate of 1 to 1.

In some rare cases, if you are lucky you are dealt blackjack in the first two cards, you can be paid out 3 to 2.

There are limits on the table that you need to consider while playing. You need to bet according to the table limits.

Variations of Online Blackjack in West Virginia

There are different variants of online blackjack games for real money that you can play.


It is the most popular and most played variant that follows the rule of traditional blackjack. The classic variant is played with 1-8 decks of cards. Both players and dealers are dealt with two cards face down.


It is similar to regular blackjack, but the only difference is that you have a chance to get the increasing jackpot. You have to place an additional bet of $1 to win the progressive jackpot.


This version of blackjack has been popularized by the Europeans, which is played with 2 decks. It is one of the famous versions that people like to play. Players can choose to hit, split, stand, or double his/her cards.

Atlantic City

This particular version is played with 8 decks. In this, a dealer can peak into the hole cards, and players can split 3 hands. There are also options for insurance and late surrender.

Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is played with 6-8 decks cards; the major difference is that all the value cards are removed from the deck, and only 48 cards are used to start the casino game.

Mobile Gaming for Online Blackjack Games for Real Money

Mobile Online BlackjackIt is true that blackjack games are getting popular day by day, and with the inclusion of mobile applications, players have got more opportunities to play on the go and win big time. All you need to do is look for gambling platforms that have dedicated platforms that have dedicated applications. It is important to ascertain whether the app supports your operating system. You can either download them by visiting the online casino website directly or searching for the application on the app store.

Types of Bonuses Available on Online Casinos With Blackjack

West Virginia blackjack online gambling has been strengthened with the presence of online bonuses. Here are some of the common bonuses you can expect:

  • Welcome Bonus: It is the most common type of online blackjack bonus that is offered at the time of sign-up. DraftKings has an impressive 100% welcome bonus of up to $250. You must ensure that the casino site you trust has a welcome bonus.
  • Deposit Bonus: As the name suggests, you need to make a certain deposit to the account. The first deposit is the most profitable bonus that you can avail of. There are plenty of gambling sites that offer a tempting deposit bonus.
  • No Deposit: You don’t have to make any deposits to avail this type of blackjack bonus. However, you might need to use a code that will activate the bonus.
  • Reload: It is a type of casino bonus that you receive on making recurring deposits to the gambling platform. The more deposits you make, the better. Check with the platform and ascertain their terms and conditions for the bonus.
  • Cashback: When you make a certain deposit to the platform for a blackjack game, you will get a specific amount in return; that’s a cashback bonus that will give you cash benefits.

All these online blackjack bonuses can be used to their optimal potential if you find the best casino in WV. So, it is imperative to look for credible sites that can offer you a wide range of bonuses.

Pros and Cons of Playing Online Blackjack in WV

Online Blackjack ProsHaving considered the above-mentioned points, it would be much more helpful to make a decision if you know the pros and cons of the game. It is always essential to weigh the good and bad points of any casino game in order to ascertain whether it is meant for you or not. Check out these pros and cons of blackjack and decide whether you want to play or not.


  • Online blackjack is faster than land-based casinos. You do not have to wait longer for results.
  • There are plenty of tempting bonuses and expectations from land-based establishments.
  • The online version has many favorable rules for the players, which are quite stringent otherwise.
  • There will be much lower-stakes online compared to offline versions making things easier for you.


  • With bonuses come wagering requirements that are often hard to meet.
  • Online gambling can become addictive if you do not manage your bankroll and keep staking your money.

If you overlook the cons for a moment, online blackjack has plenty to offer you, and you definitely should consider playing in WV.

Picking up the right online casino games is an essential part of your future gambling experience. So, we recommend you to check more reviews that we prepared to learn about online casino games available in the US (WV).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is online blackjack legal in West Virginia?

The state recently legalized online gambling that has enabled the casino to operate in jurisdiction. So, yes, you can play the game in WV.

Can I place side bets in West Virginia?

Yes, you can place side bets, but it is best advised as it is a bet with a higher house edge. If you are well-experienced in the game, you can go forward with the bet.

Do I have to download any software to play online blackjack?

It is not necessary to download software; you can also play on the website. However, if the platform offers a dedicated application, you can go forward with it and download the app.

Is online blackjack a good game for non-experienced players?

By understanding the basic rules of the game, anyone can start playing blackjack. So, yes, it is a great game for beginners and non-experienced players; with time, you will get the hang of it.

How much does it cost to play online blackjack in West Virginia?

It depends on the deposits you decide to make on the platform. There are no hard and fast rules for investing a certain amount in order to start playing the game. However, it is important to maintain the bankroll and safeguard yourself from addiction.

Can I play online blackjack using a mobile app?

Yes, you can use a mobile app to play on-the-go. For this, you need to ensure that the platform has a dedicated application. Make sure to check the software provider of the app.
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