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DRF Bets Racebook
DRF Bets Racebook
DRF Bets Racebook

Some bettors in West Virginia might not be aware of the DRF Racebook that is responsible for providing wonderful horse racing stats. Well, it has been in existence since 1894, back in the days when the internet was non-existent. Then, they made use of newspapers; however, things have evolved now; everything is online.

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DRF Bets race betting in West Virginia is becoming more popular as bettors in the region are more aware of how exciting and profitable it is for them. If you are among those that are yet to be aware, this West Virginia DRF Bets review will shed more light for you. Perhaps you already use their services; you would also gain a lot on how you can make the best of it.

DRF Bets Racebook Promos and Bonuses in West Virginia

There is only one West Virginia DRF bonus. It is a deposit bonus, so you will have to make the first deposit to claim your bonus. It is very straightforward and only open to new sign-ups. The minimum deposit required to claim it is $50. So the deal is that you get double your initial deposit.

However, you have to remember to make use of the West Virginia DRF Bets promo code ‘DOUBLE.’ If you don’t use the WV promo codes DRF bets after depositing, you would not receive anything. So, if you deposit $50, you will receive another $50 extra. The maximum amount you can get is $250, so to get the most out of the bonus, we advise that your initial deposit be $250. Note that you cannot withdraw the bonus; however, you can withdraw your profits when you stake with it.

DRF Bets Online Racebook Loyalty Programs and Special Offers

If we would have to list every of the loyalty programs and special offers offered by the DRF bets online racebook, the list would be endless. This is because the bookmaker regularly changes and updates each of the rewards and programs. It is really difficult to lay hold on the present one because it is subject to change at any time. We see it as very advantageous because bettors generally love it. DRF racebooks rewards are unique than any other you will see elsewhere. On the horse betting website, you will see a section where you can register for DRF rewards. When you register, you get more exclusive offers in the form of cashback, bonuses, and many more.

DRF Online Racebook Betting

Different Horse Betting Types in West Virginia’s DRF Racebook

For you to make good betting decisions, you have to know the different available options. Take a look at those you can use in West Virginia:


For the horse betting newbies, we will always recommend this for a good start because it is easy to understand. For any stake you make in the DRF bets racebook that you use the win option, all you have to do is pick the horse you are predicting to win the race. Once the horse wins the race, you win also. Anyone can understand it.


In this case, you are also going to stake on a horse. The difference is that if your horse finishes in the 2nd position, it is also counted as a win for you. So, you will win with your horse in either first or second place.


This is another variant of the former two options. In this case, you are also going to stake on one horse. However, this time around, your horse finishing in the third position counts as a win for you. With the show option, it is a win for you if your horse finishes between first to third positions. It seems like the easiest to win; the betting odds are not so high.


For those who love the challenging options with higher betting odds, the exacta is one of them. In this case, you have to stake on two different horses; the first and second. Note that you have to be correct in terms of your wager sequence; if not, your bet doesn’t come through.


Another variant of the exacta in which you are staking on three different horses. You heard it right; you predict the horses that will finish the race in exactly first, second, third. If you get the horses right, but the sequence in which they finish is not as you predict, that is not a win.


This one is more like another type of exacta. You are also staking on two horses. However, the sequence doesn’t matter; as long as both horses finish at the first and second positions, you win. As you may expect, the betting odds are lower than the exacta.


If you thought the sequence stopped at a trifecta, you might have been a little wrong. You are staking on four different horses; the horses you are predicting to take the first position to fourth. The complexity lies in the fact that they have to finish in the exact order you predicted; if not, it is a loss.

Betting at DRF Online Racebook

Daily Double

The daily double DRF betting option is not limited to one race. In this case, you are to bet on the winner of two consecutive races. It doesn’t have to be the same horse. All you have to do is a stake on a winner for race one, another for race two.

Pick 3/4/5/6/7/8

Think of this as another variant of the daily double. However, it is more than two races, depending on the number you pick. Let us assume you use ‘Pick 8’; it means you are willing to stake to predict the winner of eight consecutive races. The difficulty makes the West Virginia DRF Bets racebook odds higher; you can make a fortune if you win one of these.

DRF Bets Online Racebook Mobile Availability in West Virginia

For the lovers of mobile play in West Virginia, you will love to hear that you can play on your mobile devices with the DRF bets app. The DRF online racebook has a mobile app for both IOS and Android devices. It is a sleek and very functional mobile app. We advise that if you plan to gamble on your mobile device, make use of the horse betting app. You can get it on the Android Playstore or the IOS App Store.

WV DRF Bets Racebook’s Banking Options

You will see all the expected banking options in the DRF online racebook. All deposit methods can also be used for withdrawal. You can make use of Visa or MasterCard debit or credit cards. E-checks are allowed; you can also use bank transfers. However, the direct bank transfer option depends on your bank. If you can deal with cash, then you can make use of PayNearMe; your banking with DRF bets racebook should be the least of your worries because you will get more than enough options.

DRF Online Racebook First Deposit

DRF Bets Racebook Contact’s Info of Customer Support

The DRF racebook’s customer support is not as impressive as we all expect because a lot of bettors lament of inability to contact the bookmaker. We are made to believe that they are working on it, and we will see some breakthroughs real soon. If you visit DRF Bets directly in West Virginia, you will not find any live chat, nor would you find any phone number that you can use to contact them. You can contact them only through email; reach out to them at [email protected]. You will get a response soon enough.

Latest News on DRF Bets Horse Betting at West Virginia

A lot has been going on lately in the gambling industry. Over the last months, the gambling industry is seeing an increment in those that bet on horses. Bettors from other industry sectors are migrating to horse racing because of the excitement and profitability it holds. We hope to see more from the upcoming events.


We would be drawing this WV DRF bets online racebook review to a close at this point. There is not much left to say other than the fact that DRF bets are one of the best you will ever find out there. The services speak for themselves; we are assured that you will be convinced. There are many things that you stand to gain. Our best bet is that you try it out and see for yourself. A trial would leave you coming back for more.

Do you wonder what other sportsbooks are available in the US (WV)? We have prepared all the needed information in our online sportsbooks reviews to be sure that you will make the right choice.


Is DRF Bets online racebook legal in West Virginia?

Yes, DRF bets online racebook is legal in West Virginia. The state has fully approved the operation of the bookmaker.

How can I watch horse races in West Virginia?

One piece of advice concerning watching horse races is that you download the DRF bets mobile app. You will find options that would enable you to stream live races.

Is there an IOS app on DRF Bets?

Yes, there is an IOS app for DRF Bets. You will also find a DRF Bets Android app. The bookie has its mobile availability on both the Android and IOS platforms.

Is greyhound betting available in West Virginia?

Yes, greyhound betting is available in West Virginia. The state has fully approved the legality of betting on dog races too.
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